Are Demon-crats REAL??. You Decide.

I have now found only 2 videos of a slowed down version of the first Trump/Biden presidential debate showing what first appears to be a mic up Biden's sleeve.. it then turns into a snake, and then into an astronaut. The extreme zoomed in version has been scrubbed off the internet. I do not have a program available to zoom like that, or I would have posted my own video of it here. In the extreme viewed in video, and in slow motion .. 2 snakes appeared to become visible poking out of Biden's' sleeve. One of the snakes had a snake head with a roach like body end. The other more visible and pronounced snake.. appeared to me to recognize that it was being viewed on camera. It began to metamorphize into what appeared to me as an astronaut in a spacesuit figure. As this occurred.. a black smoky undiscernible figure rose from inside the sleeve to form in front of the snake that transformed into an astronaut figure. There seemed to me to be a split second of communication going on, and then both figures descended back into Biden's sleeve as they both disappeared before they completely descended back into his sleeve. To the best of my knowledge.. I do not believe it was CGI. Maybe it was something else entirely. But I still think it was not CGI. Below, are more videos of Biden promoting 666.

Biden's campaign motto was.. build back better.

build back better

6uild 6ack 6etter

6 6 6


The the small letter b has a very close appearance to the letter 6. Is this just coincidence or was this intended. You decide.