CBDC.. Creating a Totalitarian, Dystopian Future

CBDC.. Changes the structure, and concept of money as we have known it. The concept of transaction itself changes between friends, family, acquaintances, governments, and enemies... for the worse. On a scale of magnitudes worse. Hypothetically, if the Devil came to you.. and said to you.. that he will give you complete control over everyone, and everything on Earth. Total, and utter power and control. But, there is a catch. You must first take one step off the ledge of the cliff that you are near to. So, should you do it. Well, as you near the edge.. you notice that the drop over the ledge is over a mile straight down. Assuming you have a brain, and some form of intelligence to know self preservation. You make the assumption that if you were to take one step off the ledge.. the drop will kill you. So, you tell the Devil no. You tell him your not going to do it. So the Devil asks you why.. He knows that you are hungry for complete power and control. So you tell him.. what benefit is total power and control for a corpse. I don't see any. Agreefully, but disappointed, the Devil nods and leaves.

The previous hypothetical story may seem reasonable to some. However, everyone do not think the same. Some people would think it would be better to step off the cliff. Not everyone thinks rationally. A very powerful, dangerous, and evil group of folks today think that only the elites should be in control.. and that everyone else must eat the bug, own nothing and be happy, and only be allowed to ride bicycles for transportation instead of driving automobiles for themselves. There are folks that agree with this, and want to be controlled.

What this evil group fails to understand is that totalitarianism in and of itself.. is limitless. CBDC is limitless. Any imaginary goal post can be move at will or whim at any time. Imaginary limitations, are not limitations. Imaginary limitations are not absolute limitations.

Cash, as it exists today.. is like an "escape hatch". It's a limiting factor. Maybe not perfectly, but it limits government overreach. Transacting in cash, is a transaction made between individuals, and is not tracked by government sources. So, people can cheat with cash. They can launder money and do other illegal things with it. Governments especially do not like this. Did you ever wonder though who is the greatest launderer of money in the world??... But, I digress..

With CBDC, anything, and nothing is possible.. Whoever controls the controller.. controls all. Under CBDC.. one minute a billionaire is extremely rich. But then, with a swipe of a finger.. instantly, he is dirt poor. Swipe again.. he's rich again. Swipe again.. he's poor.

There are those who believe that something with imaginary limits, can incorporate absolute limits.

What do you think??