The Covidian Cult

The Covidian Cult has now escalated their attack on the unvaccinated; an attack against reason. In Austria now a two tier society has been implemented.. Those who have been vaccinated, and those who have not. The unvaccinated are not allowed to partake in societal activities. They are forced to stay in their homes, and are allowed to leave only to purchase food, or what the Covidian cultists deem essential. Teachers are yanked out of cars at checkpoints and arrested for not having a covid passport. The Covidian police thugs monitor customers going into small business now and randomly check to see if the customers have their tyrannical government approved covid passport. The non-compliant unvaccinated are quickly arrested, and extreme fines are imposed. In just a short few years.. it appears to me that the majority of the world has gone completely insane. Some areas are resisting the Covidian Cult Tyrannists. In Florida, there are no longer mask restrictions, and residents cannot lose their job for being unvaccinated. No covid passports are required in Florida. There is freedom here without tyrannical restrictions.. and those democrat leftists who have destroyed their states are fleeing into Florida along with their destructive ideologies. This all happened in just a few short years.