Every Station,.. Every Channel.. It's the offer you can't refuse!

Turn on any MSM station, or channel.. All they show on the screen is a needle going into an arm. Over, and Over again. Again, and Again, and Again! It's like there is no other important news to cover anymore. This is all Biden talks about now. The unelected.. Mentally challenged President with dementia is now making it mandatory for all Americans to take an extremely deadly and or debilitating experimental vaccine. He is now giving you an offer you can NOT refuse. In 2020 he stated that the vaccines would never be mandatory.. Then the bribing to take the vaccines came. Money, collector comic books.. Hamburgers, and donuts too were offered to those who would submit to taking the Deadly JAB. Unfortunately, for him.. this did not work well enough. Now he's ready to enforce the deadly vaccine assault on the American people with a stick!