Does Trump still support the covid-19 vaccines?

Trump Still Supports Covid “Vaccines” & Ignores Adverse Reactions & DeathsTrump says he continues to support the “vaccines.” He called himself the “father of the vaccine” and “claims he deserves credit for coronavirus shots.” He talks about pushing the FDA to subvert standard safety protocols, while still not addressing questions about his support of the dangerous mRNA technology & the adverse outcomes. Trump quote on vaccine, Trump news on vaccine, Trump saying he got vaccine, Donald Trump covid vaccine, Trump relaxed FDA regulation, Covid Trump timeline, Trump news on fda approvals for drugs, how many Americans vaccinated under Trump, safety regulations that Trump cut PLEASE SUPPORT ME THROUGH MY SPONSORS TO KEEP THE SHOW GOING (Thanks!) GOLDCO: OR 855-791-2619 PATRIOT MOBILE: FREE $30 Activation w/Promo Code RUBY Triad Aer: Allergen & Shedding Relief Air Purification: (Promo Code RUBY for 10% off and free shipping) MyPillow Products: (Promo Code: Ruby) The Tower Garden: Earthing/Grounding: Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol: (Promo Code: Ruby) CardioMiracle: DR. JANE MERCH MY PREPPER BUY LIST I receive a small commission. Thank You in advance. COD LIVER OIL: Solar Flashlights: Solar Oven: Solar Powered Generator: Propane Generator: Rechargable Batteries: Solar Battery Charger: Food Dehydrator: Emergency Survival Food (non-GMO): Zeolite Full Body Detox: Water Filtration: Swiss Army Knife: Multitool: Home First Aid Kit: Emergency Medical Kit: Heirloom Seeds (Non-GMO): Faraday Pouches: Portable Toilet: Night Vision: Protection Device: Safety Shelter: Two-Way Radio: Camp Stove: Solar/Crank Radio: The Bible: Cordage: Nebulizer: EQUIPMENT I USE FOR MY SHOW RE20 Microphone: Shure Studio Mic: Studio Ring Light: Stage Make-Up LED Mirror: Studio Camera Lighting: Bell & Howell Flashlight: Rode Mic: BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS ***Business Inquiries: Protect Dr. Jane’s Freedom of Speech: My direct mail address for checks to my legal defense fund: Dr. Jane Ruby 4371 Northlake Blvd, #188 Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410 SUPPORT ME DIRECTLY AT Venmo: Jane-ruby Website: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY SOCIAL MEDIA SITES Banned.Video: BitChute: Brighteon: DailyMotion: Gab: Gab TV: Gettr: Instagram: Minds: Odysee: Parler: Pinterest: Reddit: Rumble: Telegram: Tik Tok: Truth Social: Twitter: UGETube: YouTube:
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