Understanding the Great Deception of all Conspiracy.

We start with the mechanism for control. The mechanism for control has, and always will be to use lies to deceive others into believing something in order to control the masses perception to gain centralized power. In my opinion, this is a timeless truth.. for now,.. or even in a trillion years from now. I don't have all the facts, and my perception of the truth will not be 100% correct, as I myself am piecing together what may be perceived as bits of truth from a "sea of lies" across the internet. As I am researching conspiracies.. I am forming assumptions. The following is my opinion of grand conspiracies that I am basing my assumptions on my best guesses so far. 

So, lets start with where we are. If you believe we are hurling through space at 666 thousand miles an hour.. spinning around a dying sun; and located on a sphere that is also spinning.. Then this is your reality that you are comfortable with. And this is your truth that is true to you. The great deception could start here. If where you are might be based on a lie.. then that lie can propagate an infinite amount of other lies in order to intimidate, confuse, and, can be used for ultimate control over others. The total control over others perceptions, based on an initial single lie. The lie starts here. This does not mean that there is, or is not God. This does not mean that the was, or was not Jesus. This simply means that there could be a single lie,.. that all other lies could be based off of. 

In reality, as I have concluded based on my assumptions that are based on my research.. The Earth that we are standing on is stationary. Above us is an energy backdrop. The stars we see in the sky.. spin around a single star called Polaris.

If you can fathom that this can be true. Then you can ultimately change your total reality. We very well could be a de-evolved civilization built from an unknown amount of other civilizations that were more advanced from below us. All this advanced technology that we are using now could have all possibly come from below us. UFO's that are flying around an energy backdrop could have all come from advanced civilizations from civilizations that we are built on top of. We do not know how far down the rabbit hole goes. We could be what remains of an advanced timeless eternal reality that emulates from beneath us. Our concept of heaven, and hell can be eternally true and timeless,.. In our own combined perceptions. But our perception of our real past may not be the truth, as our real reality that we were programed to believe from birth.. may not be true. God, and eternity may come from our combined, and eternal soul. But our real past could come from a timeless advanced, and eternal past that we are built on top off.