Australia - The New Technocratic Tyrannocracy

Australia is now under Techno -Tyrannocratic Rule.

Australians must now comply with all Tyrannical laws, or face being put in a concentration camps. No FREE Thought.. No FREE Movement. Total, Complete, Technocratic Tyrannical Control. Will this soon come to America and the rest of the world? Australia is now our bravest new world in 2021.. See video attached above for more info. Below.. is another interesting video I came across explaining Huxley's Brave New World in more detail. Soon Australians will have to take a submission inducing pill before they go to sleep. Then, through their government control app on their cell phone.. They will place it near their bed so from their cell phone.. Peaceful sounds and mind control rhetoric will be reinforced into their brains while they are unconscious. This will create the perfect mindless and obedient slave society imaginable. The rise of the super obedient slave society may have begun!!