The Truth about Ivermectin

If you research ivermectin at .. Dr. Chris Martenson shows graphs that suggest ivermectin could be beneficial for those who have covid-19 and have taken ivermectin. I personally do not know if ivermectin works as some kind of treatment for Covid-19.. However, I will say that I have personally had no flu or cold like symptoms for about 2 years now. During theses 2 years I have added a regimen of 1000 mg of vitamin C plus at least 3000 IU of vitamin D3 tablets to my daily diet. For me not being sick for 2 years is unheard of. I routinely get the cold or the flu most every winter. Also, I work as a school bus driver and children who have or had covid routinely cough directly into my face one after the other as they enter the bus. Most do not wear a mask.. and they forget to cover their mouth when they cough. So is the added D3 regimen I take now help or prevent covid.. I am not sure. This is a statement of my personal experiences and is not backed by tests. I personally never took a covid vaccine, and I also never intend to take one.. or to either have a swab shoved up my nose near my brain to test for covid. I currently do not have any flu, cold, or covid symptoms. I work a full work week and I feel perfectly healthy. If i do get covid.. I'll update here though.

I'm attaching another resent Greg Hunter video of him interviewing Dr. Chris Martenson below. The video is very informative and worthwhile to watch. Dr. Chris Martenson covers in detail the effects ivermectin has on people who have covid symptoms.

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