They Live. You Die??.. You Decide.

From what I have gathered online.. Alex Jones believes Albert Bourla is expressing genocide for those who would not take the proven extremely deadly experimental kill shot vaccine (s). Personally, If it looks like a duck,.. and quacks like a duck... I assume it's a duck. But, you decide for yourself if what he says is taken out of context. I'm attaching another video link to this post of a recent Greg Hunter- Dr. Michael Yeadon interview. Dr. Yeadon was a former 20 - year Pfizer Vice President. From what I gather from that interview.. Dr. Yeadon now concludes that the experimental deadly so called vaccines were forced on the public to: gain centralized power and control, and to reduce the population through genocide, and through reproductive damage. The end result - A destroyed dollar, which would usher in a centralized digital currency whereby NO ONE will be safe from any Tyrant who happens to have centralized dictatorial control over EVERYONE at any given time. A REAL HELL on Earth. In my opinion.