Preppers.. Buy Sandbags, and a Pallet of Sand!

Preppers.. Buy sandbags, and a pallet of sand NOW! Do this while you still can. A stack of sandbags may soon be worth more than many ounces of gold. In a worldwide economic collapse.. expect there to be BAD players going on the offensive. WROL (without rule of law) means no police are coming to your rescue. You are on your own. 2 rows of sandbags blocks most any round of ammunition heading in your direction. Allocate a corner in your garage for a pallet of sand, and place the unfilled sandbags on top. In case of an emergency.. you can fill the sandbags, and make a small bunker in your home to protect you, and your family from home invasions. Make sure to get self-tying sandbags, and keep a shovel next to or on top of the sand. Also, It may be a good idea.. if you have not already done so.. to purchase electronic hearing protection. It provides you with acute hearing until there is gunfire nearby, and then in a fraction of a millisecond.. it provides you with hearing protection from gunfire. I personally bought a hand held shield to stay behind in case of a home invasion.. however, this is in no way as good a protection from gunfire as provided by 2 rows of sandbags stacked in a small DIY bunker. The pic below gives you some Idea of a DIY bunker. A much smaller one can be made, and will offer the most adequate protection from gunfire that I know of. As far as I know.. the is no high powered rifle round strong enough to penetrate 2 rows of stacked, and filled sandbags.