Who will be our next President??

My opinion is.. continue to prepare. When, and if Michelle Obama becomes our next President.. I believe global hyperinflation will cascade further, and faster for everyone.. everywhere.

Steps to take that may be beneficial in a global hyperinflation scenario .

Stock up on canned foods such as soups, canned meats, vegetables, and canned fruits.

Have a way to purify water to drink. (I understand most people do not have the space to store large amounts of drinking water). If you have some space available.. then store what you can.

Powdered drink mixes can go along way. Consider buying them too.

If you still have some disposable income leftover. Consider purchasing small denominational bullion such as gold, and or silver.

This list was just my opinion. It is what I am doing personally. I am not a financial advisor. This has been my opinion only and not financial advice.